Samm exclusively speaks to her HR tribe and HRart-driven Leaders with an engaging combination of warmth, strength and strategy.

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Samm will take your team on a creative journey to learn the healing tools to cultivate leadership, momentum, and bottom-line results. She will lead your team to recognize and discover the powerful inner answers that can create shifts and changes to transform their lives and, in turn, your business for the better.

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Samm’s Speaking Topics

Find out below about a few of Samm’s speaking topics

What’s Your HR Personality?

What’s Your HR Personality?

During this session, we will identify your current dominant HR personality and discuss how each personality is…

The HRart of Leadership: Your Path and Power

The HRart of Leadership: Your Path and Power

Was leadership a role that called to YOU? Or did someone call you to IT? The answer sometimes surprises people.

Artfully Moving Mountains

Artfully Moving Mountains

Did you know there are tiny things called micro-inequities that can create BIG issues within your organization?

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Samm Smeltzer, CEO and Director, HRart Center
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Samm’s Bio

Samm has playfully been referred to as the “Unicorn”, this comes from her eternal optimism for the possibilities of what the workplace could be. For the last decade, Samm has passionately pursued a journey to discover the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations. This path has primarily led her to studies in Spirituality and Eastern Medicine, discovering how much of a role having a professional purpose and passion is essential to employees.

She is an author of two books, From Heart to HRart (pronounced Heart as well) and Unstuck U: The Guide to Feeling Forward.

Samm’s experience combined with her desire to create workplaces with thriving employees resulted in the creation of Leadership Arts Associates, a boutique consulting firm devoted to revolutionizing HR.


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My heart is full knowing that you are considering me and my team for your next event. We look forward to chatting with you about how we can share powerful HR healing tools to cultivate leadership, momentum, and bottom-line results that you’ve been seeking. To get started, fill out the form and we will be in touch within 48 hours.


Yes, she’s a fan of encouraging small group discussion during her presentations. Therefore, her dream room layout is round tables with no more than five seated at a table.

Samm is simple and needs the bare AV essentials. A projector and screen, perhaps audio for the computer for an occasional video clip. Microphone necessity is dependent on the room/audience size. She travels with her personal Macbook Pro and all the necessary AV adapters.

Sure – as long as the topic is in her wheelhouse, she is happy to help.