Moving Forward As People-Driven Leaders

Moving Forward As People-Driven Leaders

With Jodi Woelkerling

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It’s hard to go anywhere nowadays without seeing a “Now Hiring” sign. A now hiring sign posted on the intercom of a Burger King drive thru urges customers to be patient and kind to the limited staff that are working. It begs the question, why do these employees show up while others have been abandoning their positions all together? Could it have anything to do with their manager’s leadership style? It seems like a no-brainer – we’ve talked about leadership styles for decades. However, our discussions have typically been from a more theoretical perspective, and now is the time to talk about them from a survival perspective. 

Who must we be as leaders to cultivate an organizational culture that is worthy of the energy being expended by all parties needed? In this episode of the HRart of It podcast, Samm is joined by leadership expert Jodi Woelkerling to discuss the three types of leaders and why becoming a people-driven leader is the way to move forward.

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Jodi Woelkerling

Decades of experience in the corporate world has shown Jodi that resiliency is a key feature of every enduringly successful individual and every organizational culture that is productive and collaborative over the longer term. The modern workplace is filled with constant challenges and competing priorities, both for the business at large and for the individuals within the business, and resilience is a key component of effectively navigating these challenges.

I am passionate about assisting businesses to build an enduring resilient culture at the whole culture level, the various levels of leadership within the business and at the individual level, so that the business as a whole and the individuals within the business can experience the enormous benefits of an enduring resilient culture.

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