It Begins with Self Leadership podcast episode

It Begins With Self Leadership

With Megan Warren

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Great leadership begins with self leadership. On this episode of the HRart of It podcast, Samm interviews certified ICF coach Megan Warren about the importance of self leadership and the impact these learnable skills can have on our ability to lead others well. Megan and Samm even make some interesting connections between cultivation in Qigong and the type of cultivation needed in leadership development. 

For those listeners who may be feeling too overwhelmed to start on this path, Megan shares some very practical steps to help you remove yourself from the burnout cycle so you can start from a place of clarity.

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About the Guest

Megan Warren

Our work together starts with understanding that everything you want, and everything you need to make it happen, is already inside you. You spend so much time looking outside of yourself because you aren’t taught social and emotional learning in school. You don’t realize the conflicts you encounter in life are simply outward projections of your internal conflict. I help you look inside and resolve the conflict, getting off the emotional rollercoaster.

Drawing from hundreds of hours of my work with clients, my coaching techniques and my online courses teach you how to move from drowning – from feeling overwhelmed, duty-bound, dissatisfied, or trapped – to riding the waves – feeling free, empowered, and fulfilled.

A certified ICF coach with more than fifteen years of experience, I partner with you to apply critical thinking skills to transform self-abandonment into self-abundance, creating positive and sustainable change in your life. In my work with private clients, I draw on extensive experience in coaching, public health, and business development to help you make the life you have, the one you want.

Come join me on a journey of self-discovery to create the life you want.

How to work with me:

• Dip your toe in & try a short course to learn to set and hold boundaries.
• Take the leap & commit to the real deal in a 6-week course to discover WHO you are.
• Schedule a discovery call to work with me 1:1.

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