Explore Our Workplace-Centric Medical Qigong Training Programs

Welcome to our center of knowledge and well-being, where Medical Qigong meets modern workplace empowerment. Our training programs, rooted in Classical Oriental Chinese Medicine, teach you to become masters of energy in the workplace. Learn to navigate this vital variable to create cultures of belonging, boost engagement, and enhance employee well-being and retention. Perfect for professionals and HR leaders alike, our offerings promote balance across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

The Path to Well-Being and Workplace Harmony

Discover the pathway that not only leads to personal well-being but also forms a solid foundation for workplace harmony. Our commitment is to provide comprehensive and informative training that aligns with the unique challenges of the professional environment.

Medical Qigong Movement Facilitator
Level 1 Certification
Gain a solid foundation in crafting a personalized Medical Qigong workout for your healing journey. Learn to extend your expertise by creating tailored workouts for others, supporting individual healing, and leading group classes. This certification is your gateway to a holistic understanding of energy balance within and beyond.
Medical Qigong Movement Facilitator
Medical Qigong Practitioner
Level 2 Certification
At this next level, delve into the art of utilizing table sessions to guide and lead energy within another person. Explore techniques for purging, tonifying, and regulating energy to facilitate profound balance. This program goes beyond, offering advanced skillsets on harnessing Medical Qigong workouts to curate personalized healing journeys for others. Learn to apply these practices dynamically, empowering individuals on their unique paths to well-being.
Medical Qigong Practitioner
Medical Qigong Therapist
Level 3 Certification
Immerse yourself in advanced levels of energetic evaluation, forging a true link between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experiences. Dive into the intricacies of determining root causes, unraveling the essence of imbalances, and identifying optimal pathways to guide individuals toward a state of profound balance and well-being. This program equips you with advanced energy-guiding techniques, offering mastery in purging, tonifying, and regulating energy dynamics. Beyond healing others, you'll also learn advanced forms of Medical Qigong for personal practice, fortifying your resilience as a healer.
Medical Qigong Therapist
Masters of Medical Qigong
Level 4 Certification
Here the focus extends to psychospiritual development and growth for both yourself and others. Dive deep into honing your strengths as a healer and discovering your unique style, empowering you to make a profound impact on those you guide. This advanced level encompasses heightened training in handling spiritual energetic deviations, offering you the expertise to navigate complex energetic landscapes. Additionally, delve into the personal development of spiritual skillsets, enriching your abilities as a masterful and holistic healer.
Masters of Medical Qigong

HR Healer Apprenticeship: Elevating HR Leadership through Energetic Mastery

Tailored exclusively for active HR practitioners and people-focused leaders, The HR Healer Apprenticeship seamlessly integrates ancient wisdom with practical HR mastery. Join this immersive program to elevate your intuitive and energetic skill sets, providing a unique blend of traditional insights and corporate excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our programs are crafted with your journey in mind. Whether you’re considering becoming a practitioner or simply exploring the transformative world of holistic healing, our training progresses at a beautiful pace. We begin by focusing on your personal health, recognizing that your wellness is key to becoming a healer. Each training session provides the space for you to decide if the next step aligns with your goals and aspirations.

Absolutely! Our programs are designed to be inclusive, and Medical Qigong Movement Facilitator (MQMF) curriculum is a perfect starting place for individuals curious about what Medical Qigong has to offer in the wellness equation. Whether you’re new to Qigong or seeking to deepen your understanding, our training provides a welcoming and informative space for all levels of curiosity.

This path is designed to empower you on a personal level by providing the tools to identify the root causes that may manifest as physical, mental, and spiritual discomforts. Highly focused on personal healing and restoration, our curriculum emphasizes personal cultivation. You’ll also benefit from peer practice protocols received in class, fostering a supportive environment for your well-being journey.

Our class days generally run from 9 AM to 4 PM. Each day is thoughtfully structured, encompassing a blend of engaging elements such as lectures, in-class discussions, group exercises, demonstrations, and practice protocols with peers. To ensure an optimal learning experience, we incorporate breaks every 2 hours, with a 90-minute lunch break around noon.
Our group training sessions are designed for in-person learning. However, for those interested in pursuing independent study, a virtual option is available. Please reach out to the Institute directly to discuss and explore this option further.
There are no prerequisites for the practitioner level certification. All levels of experience are welcome. Whether you’re new to Qigong or have some prior exposure, our program is designed to be inclusive, ensuring a valuable learning experience for everyone.