It's Time to Heal the Burnout Cycle and Live Life Differently

Go from Burnt Out and Stuck
to Feeling Energized and Confident

“I have seen results in ALL areas of my life. I’m waking up in the morning feeling refreshed. I’m finally learning how to have life/work balance. I’m practicing how to deal with negative situations in my work life with positive energy and not to let the negative invade my body or mind. I have been able to step into my new role at work with confidence.”

Melissa W., VP, Human Resources

“The positive physical and mental effects I’ve experienced with Qigong (at the HRart Center) in a short period of time are nothing short of profound. After 15+ years of seeking treatment at the country’s best hospitals and rare disease specialty clinics, I’ve become a believer in healing with energy.”

Patrick S., Chief Executive Operator

Are You Ready To...

  • Experience better sleep at night and wake up with energy
  • Gain clarity over your actual needs, wants, and path moving forward
  • Actively process old emotions and stories in order to finally get out of your own way
  • Prioritize healthy, supportive relationships in your new lifestyle
  • Reconnect with your true self to see your own potential
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How To Work With Us...

Schedule your Energetic Assessment
Create a Personalized Plan with your Workplace Energy Expert utilizing one or all of our offerings (including Coaching, Medical Qigong, or one of our Educational Programs)
Begin healing with the support you need along the way!

Meanwhile, join us for a class and get a head start on your healing journey...

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