We are a Wellness Center devoted to Healing Workplaces to Cultivate Employee Engagement

Our Integrative, Restorative and
Visionary HR Services aspire to establish a
harmonious resilience in the working world.

We work with our clients to heal chronic, unresolved cultural conditions by identifying and focusing on the root cause. Our approach integrates a fusion of 5,000 year old Classical Oriental Medicine (COM), Abstract Intuitive Techniques and a decade of HR-Expertise.


A 2021 Workman Survey revealed, "Nearly 4 in 10 employees will be planning to look for a new job in the next 12 months. This projected voluntary turnover has the potential to cost businesses billions."

It is time to think again about our common assumptions of how we should work. We work with organizations as a guide and advisor. We emphasize on a humanistic approach that begins with people at the core to establishing company community and an intentional culture. Our process combines Classical Oriental Theory, Reflective Practice and Organizational Development.

Five Customs to embed in your Company Culture to Maximize Vitality

This custom recognizes that wellness is deeper than Physical Body
We must embrace wellness as a practice of appreciation for our whole being and authentic, pure essence. We are called to support each other in the art of finding conscious inner harmony that is the foundation for living.
Personal Growth
The custom acknowledges the past that undeniably influences individuals.
We have an opportunity to create growth curriculums that empower individuals to release the past while keeping the wisdom gained from the experience.
Professional Growth
This custom focuses on an individual’s future.
We are asked to consistently foster a growth education that removes fear and generates opportunity.
Emotional Curiosity
This custom brings into being a collected bandwidth.
We serve as a caring catalyst to the reactive equation considering work demands and expectations.
Worthy Job Design
This custom embraces the strategic art of HR Planning.
We are asked to explore organizational structures and job designs at a deep level.

A strong healthy Cultural Vitality creates the capacity for employees to be fully present in their life and work.

If we cling to our idea of hope in the future, we might not notice the peace and joy that are available in the present moment. The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment. Practicing conscious breathing, aware of each thought and each act, we are reborn, fully alive, in the present moment. We needn't abandon our hope entirely, but unless we channel our energies toward being aware of what is going on in the present moment, we might not discover the peace and happiness that are available right now. The well is within us. If we dig deeply in the present moment, the water will spring forth.

Thich Nhat Hanh (Living Buddha, Living Christ, pg. 179)

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