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Our third self-care love note from Kris Carr’s deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes revealed the task of reconsidering your commitments. Reminding us that our inability to say no might be leaving little to no room for the universe to present the opportunities that we truly desire. Long story short, if you have big dreams you better be making space in your life for them to show up. Therefore, if you decide to say yes to everyone else’s dreams, you won’t really have any time for your own.

Earlier this week, I was doing my usual scrolls through a few of my favorite Facebook Groups, when a post caught my eye. The individual had posted in the group with a request for help. She shared that she keeps finding herself committing to projects then regretting it later. She asked for others to share how they ensure they only make commitments that align with their greater purpose. This not only was our lesson for this week but it is also a lesson I am still attempting to master. 

My go-to has always been yes. Especially when I became a business owner, I was always so thrilled and extremely honored when someone wanted to work with me or partner. It was this practice that led to a business filled with eclectic services. I was making money but not alot and my business lacked true purpose. So it was inevitable that I began to feel a lack of fulfillment and frustration. The worst part was, that this time there was no fancy employer to blame. This was the wake-up call that I needed to begin identifying exactly what I was called to do and it took years for me to begin articulating that calling in any real words that made sense when spoken verbally to anyone else.

In fact, this year is my year in unveiling that purpose and calling. That’s why I’m here, writing this blog and a blog a week. That’s why I’ve been pretty unwavering in my commitments to show up across the board. Not to mention, that I’m now editing my next book, The HR Intuitive, that will formally reveal this work to the world. This year it became critical that I consciously stay aligned with my path, there is no more time for detours and I can’t risk right now taking a shortcut. 

So, how do I figure out which commitments to take on or not? Which commitments fully align or don’t? I feel. I sit with the commitment and I take stock of every feeling no matter how small. If the idea doesn’t instill a level of peace within me once the initial excitement has settled, it’s no good, at least not for me at this time. 

Now there are two traps that I consistently fall into still. 

  1.  I have a false belief that a commitment will always remain aligned. It simply isn’t true, they change because we change and therefore it is necessary to re-evaluate those commitments on a regular basis. Just because you say yes, doesn’t mean it’s an indefinite yes. 
  2. People who need help but helping them doesn’t serve your highest good. I am a healer and my heart is pretty much on autopilot. Whenever it is called it wants to show up in any way it possibly can. That includes saying yes to partnerships that don’t make sense for my connected path. These are difficult no’s and therefore are often when a yes slips by. These also become the situations that cause the most frustration. 

Don’t discount your feelings, they present themselves for reasons. Most of the time, it’s because it’s the only way our intuition can get our attention. Ignoring them is choosing to ignore yourself. 

This Week…

Our final self-care love note is Make Waves.  

“It’s your turn to make a splash and rock a few creaky boats.”

– Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Discussion: What special unique gift do you have to share with the world? Where have you felt called to show up but maybe fear is holding you back?

I hope this week’s pause and practice serve you! 

Pause: Ha Heart Release  // Revisit: Reconsider Your Commitments
Reveal: Make Waves // Practice: Observing Self
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