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Last week, our second self-care love note from Kris Carr’s deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes revealed a request for compassion. It asked us to remember that compassion is the beating heart of all spiritual practices. It mentioned extending the invitation of compassion through the simple act of kindness. So we left with the intent of seeking opportunities throughout the week to be kind to others. What I didn’t expect was for a much deeper lesson to unveil itself. 

The lesson was about the compassion and kindness that I needed to give myself. For years, as I have been on my personal journey of growth I’ve held tightly onto this guilt. The guilt surrounded my inability to forgive particular individuals in my life. I believed my inability to do so was drastically hindering my growth and possibly stagnating it completely. 

My growth was in fact hindered and stagnated, but not because of my inability to forgive them. It was hindered and stagnated because of my inability to forgive myself for not being able to forgive them. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are human. We are not, nor were we ever intended to be perfected. A life filled with joy and pain is inevitable and necessary, but to live it fully we must be able to give ourselves grace. 

When we are angry and hurt, it is okay if we cannot forgive in that moment. We have a right to feel and we also must heal before we can forgive. This past week my eyes were open to how hard I have been on myself, being horribly critical of my inability to achieve perfection when it comes to forgiveness. Today I want to embrace my humanness and all that it comes with.

This Week…

This week’s self-care love note is Reconsider Your Commitments.  

“There’s a universe of meaningful opportunities on the other side of no. In fact, every no makes space for the perfect yes.”

– Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Discussion: Share with us in the comments below what do you struggle to say no to. Do you need to make space in your life for what you really want?

I hope this week’s pause and practice serve you!

Pause: Shu Anger Release  // Revisit: Compassion for All
Reveal: Reconsider Your Commitments // Practice: Anxiety Release
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