The Do’s and Don’ts of Cultural Transformation

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Gallup reports that worldwide only 33.4% of employees are engaged at work.  When businesses hear that type of a statistic they feel the need to rush into change, however not all businesses are ready to take on that task.  Below are 7 do’s and don’ts to follow in order to successfully implement a culture transformation.

Do have a clear vision and identify the areas that will be addressed with the proposed change.

Don’t default to reorganization as your first step. You have to truly analyze your current situation to determine where you should start.

Do inform and inspire your employees to get their support.  You should solicit and listen to feedback from all levels of staff so everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the direction the business is going.

Don’t try to intimidate employees into complying with the changes you are proposing.  This will inevitably cause further disengagement and push back to the initiatives you have identified.

Do create a culture of empowerment to allow the managers and teams to move the vision forward.

Don’t  fail to consistently reinforce the new direction and expectations.  Businesses lose credibility when they fail to follow through on the initiatives that they present.

Do  contact Leadership Arts Associates to improve the probability of an effective culture transformation.  You can reach me at or 717-430-2850.

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