Thanksgiving Cookies (yes it’s a thing)

Turkey cookie treats finished product

Thanksgiving is this week and it definitely seems to have shown up out of nowhere.  But last week was my son’s Thanksgiving party at school and I signed up to bring a dessert.  I stumbled on a turkey cookie image and thought these will be cool to make.

So I embarked on a mission to create these turkey cookies.  The first challenge I had was that I did not have a cookie cutter sugar cookie recipe for me to use.  So I pulled out my cookbooks and searched for a recipe and found one that looked like it would work.

So the process began, my son helped me, count, put in and mix all the ingredients.  Once we had finished the mixing process we were ready to put it in the refrigerator and chill it for 1 hour.  

The timer went off and we brought the dough out and when I went to ball it up so that I could start the rolling out process I realized my dough had the texture of sand. It was definitely not going to roll out and get cut out into circles.  So I started my google search to try to determine if there was a way that I could salvage this dough. I found a few suggestions and I decide to try two, I added an extra egg and threw in a little bit of milk and put it back in the fridge for another 30 minutes so it could chill again.  Finally, it was the correct texture for it to be rolled out and I found the right sized cup to do my cutouts.

I got the cookies baked and then it was time to decorate!  The thing that made this so cool is that my son absolutely loves candy corn and with this design, the tails were made out of candy corn. When I started icing the cookies, the original picture I had found showed the body of the turkey smoothed out, but I chose to leave mine in the piped look because I felt like it looked more like feathers.  I decorated 2 dozen turkey cookies and felt so accomplished after I was done. I easily could have decided to toss the whole project and do something simpler when my dough didn’t turn out correctly the first time, but I was determined to make this work. The next morning when my son saw the final product (he was asleep during the decorating phase) he looked at me in amazement and said “Mommy, these cookies have candy corn on them! Can I eat one”?  That excitement is one of the reasons I do stuff like this for him, the other one is I enjoy doing it. I like getting to be creative and having a finished product even if it doesn’t always turn out exactly like I thought it would.


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