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Our organizational leaders need a guide to develop into their highest potential.

Our Leadership Development philosophy embraces a holistic approach that combines restoration and growth. We recognize that workplaces have the potential to create a toxic build up within an individual causing them to begin disengaging from their work, therefore we approach our work beginning with restoration that cleanses these toxins and rebuilds engagement. Then we focus on developing a leader’s individual capabilities tapping into their inner power and strength.


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We are seeking a facilitator to guide our Strategic Planning Process.

Reflective Wisdom and The HRart Center have partnered to facilitate true people-centered organizational strategic planning. Our facilitation is unique in that it is built on the real needs and insights of your people and community in a highly-engaging process. We follow the 4D Cycle of the Appreciative Inquiry Method: Define, Discover, Design, and Deliver. This approach is a strength-based framework that can be used by individuals, teams, and organizations to move toward a shared vision for the future by engaging others in strategic innovation.


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We are ready for an internal strategic HR partner, but not sure where to start.


Our Executive HR Development services are meant for organizations that desire to have a strategic HR partner. They recognize that the HR function as a whole must be present in order to create a thriving workforce. This includes work design, workforce planning, managing employee competencies and managing employee attitudes and behaviors.


These tasks can easily be overwhelming for a new HR leader, an HR Department of One, or an organization without an HR department. These tasks can also prove challenging for experienced professionals whose organization is experiencing growth or massive change. Our services provide you the opportunity to maintain a strategic focus while also sustaining momentum through ongoing action. We are here to be by your side supporting you, pushing you and guiding you to achieve your vision.


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We need something to take our team to the next level.

Our Team Intervention Services aim at addressing team dynamics by recognizing the collective energies at play. We facilitate interventions that guide teams through Tuckman’s four stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.


All intervention designs are personalized to your team and organization to maximize effectiveness by cultivating trust and creating the essential team relationships your organization needs. Our ultimate goal is to establish a foundation that your team can build on. You can expect your team to emerge with an ability to operate in a more productive nature. In addition, we will provide you with an outline of how to continue the team development started. Check out our Team Intervention Portfolio >

I am an HR Practitioner considering leaving the traditional working world and venturing out on my own.

Exiting the corporate world and stepping out on your own requires us to approach our work a bit differently. No longer are we masters of the art of simply making ourselves available, now we must seek and find who needs us. HR consultants are without a doubt absolutely needed in this world; there are still too many companies operating without any consideration to strategically managing and leading their people. This means they are wasting money, while also putting themselves at huge risk that only magnifies as they continue to grow. We’re here to help you step in and get to work.


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Which most accurately describes your current HR Department?

HR Department of One

If you are a department of one or lead a small HR team, we specialize in working with you to plan how to move forward with your limited resources. 
Most of our support for these clients follows this framework:
  • 2-hour Strategy Session (Organizational and Individual Assessment)
  • Choice of Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Coaching Sessions
  • Access to your Coach in between Sessions
  • Option for additional HR Services to accelerate the process

HR Department of None

If you are an organization that has identified that HR is what is missing from your organizational structure and strategy.
Most of our support for these clients follows this framework:
  • 2-hour Strategy Session (Organizational Assessment and HR Vision Intake)
  • Provides Interim Organizational HR Services
  • Recruitment Process for Organizational HR Positions
  • Cultivation of HR into the Organization’s Culture

From Our Library

Here is our personal collection of HR articles written with you in mind.

Our Team Intervention Portfolio

Every team intervention we do is personalized to the organization and team, below are examples of past interventions.

Using a little creativity and inspiration driven by your intuition, Vision Fest materializes what we call a Connected Canvas. Images have the power to provide clarity when we are struggling to connect. During this session, the team comes together with a common intention to engage in a practice that removes limitations, opens them to possibility. These sessions are known for generating a level of community among the participants as they collectively participate in their own personal reflective process.  


Our signature program, Leadership Ideology, has been used with teams of formal and informal leaders in a variety of industries. The program encourages participants to teach each other. Where new team members have the opportunity to learn from those more experienced and tenured members are given the gift of fresh perspective. This program concludes with each participant sharing a defined commitment to their team, organization and most importantly themselves.   


Your team never chooses to disengage from their work overnight. Disengagement is the result of build up of unrecognized growth opportunities. Our survival instincts of flight or fight have stepped in telling us that these specific situations will cause us harm and therefore we suppress them. These suppressed opportunities continues to amass with us and become the feeding ground for team disengagement. The Disengagement Detox was designed to resurface these suppressed situations to restore team engagement.

Our Strategic Planning Objectives

Corporate, private, nonprofit, family-owned, this works with any size organization because this style of strategic planning is custom designed. 


Collect Real Insight

We prioritize the relationships you have with the staff, shareholders and community to collect real insight into the needs, strengths and potential for your organization.


Create Transformational Trust

Because this strategic plan is shaped by the actual needs of your people, we set the ground for transformational trust and engagement, two factors critical to a successful strategic plan. 


Learn the Process

Our goal is to empower you, so our entire process is generative. Your team can continue to engage your community shape your organization to meet its true potential for years to come.

The HRart of It Family

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