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Last Week…

Last week, the Crow card was revealed. The crow asked us to increase our self-awareness this week and own our truth. The crow hinted that our truth may be the key to finding the balance we are ultimately seeking in life.

For me, my truth is my authentic self. It’s me minus all the crap that I’ve accumulated over the years. The junk that told me what I should be rather than recognizing who I am. This has been the greatest gift during this time, quarantine has provided the space for me to hear my truth. It’s provided me the time to sort through and remove the junk, kind of like a quarantine cleanse.

This week has provided me with a few unique challenges that touched on two different aspects of how life might test us to see if we are truly willing to hold onto our truth. I’d like to share these two aspects with you now because I believe they might resonate with what you have or could potentially encounter.

Challenge #1: Let go of what does not serve your truth. 

This week I discovered that there was work I was doing where I held a long term belief that it served my truth. A recent turn of events revealed that holding onto this work was actually challenging who I am authentically and letting it go was the only way to move forward. In an ironic turn of events, I found that my act of letting go actually propel the work further to the place of transformation that was needed. 

Challenge #2: Owning my Truth.

This week I have been asked to speak my truth with transparency in two ways, through my writing as well as speak it outloud to a confidant. This challenge only happened in the last 24-hours and I believe the dust emotionally has not completely settled. However, the one thing I can report with certainty is that I feel both acts of transparency moved me forward on my path and I find comfort knowing that. 

This Week…

As we concluded our animal inspired series, the Crow card revealed itself yet again but from a completely different deck. The second appearance of the crow gently reminded us that the lessons that started last week are still in progress. We need to continue with the work that was revealed this week. 

But that wasn’t the end, it just didn’t feel right without revealing one more animal and that’s when the Owl card was revealed. The Owl reminds us to trust the wisdom that comes from inside and references how our sensitivities and intuition can be supercharged during this time. This left us with the challenge to pay more attention this week in regards to our sensitivities and intuition to see if they truly are heightened. 

Discussion: Share with us in the comments below what you discovered this week. Are your sensitivities heightened? Do you find yourself more in tune with your intuition these days?

I hope this week’s pause and practice serve you!

Pause: “Ha” Release  // Revisit: Crow // Reveal: Owl  // Practice: Pulling Down the Heavens
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