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As we continue with our dream-filled July, I want to talk a bit about the meaning and messages behind things that actually materialize in your dreams. And our intuitive prompt for the week definitely delivered by asking me to share with you the strong message that snakes share when they appear in your dreams.

“The snake heralds a time of transition, during which you will go through the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Enjoy the shedding of the old while stepping into your power.”

-Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue

The Work

What I shared with you during this week’s live stream, is different then what I want to share with you in written word. As I mentioned during the live, I have been graciously struggling with the line of alignment versus verbatim when it comes to these posts and the live stream. This week it became clear to me that these mediums are completely different and therefore provide two unique opportunities for me to share with you. So therefore, what you are about to read is not a summary of what I shared live, but what I feel compelled to add to the discussion that we have already started together. 

Transformation is without a doubt the resounding dominant message that is shared when snakes are presented as a symbol. They present an unexpected affirmation of hope, almost like the light at the end of the tunnel. It confirms that things have been challenging yet a beautiful evolution is about to arrive on the other side. Something that couldn’t be more true and relevant to our world today. 

The snake also challenges us to question, what we need to let go of? For me, this brought forth, what do I need to unlearn? This year definitely has been the year of unlearning for me. I have, like many, experienced a tough 2020 and it has taken a toll on me physically, mentally and spiritually. Snakes for the first time have begun to appear and I believe wholeheartedly it is to remind me that this is a necessary stage in my growth and evolution. Despite how hard this year has been or how much pain I have been experiencing, I have come to recognize that at the root of much of this pain is a foundation of fear that I’ve lived with for most of my life. 

For five years now, I have been working hard to trust. Working hard to trust many things but the most important, is learning to trust myself. A life lived out of fear, which ironically is typically the emotion instilled in us by snakes, is destined to be filled with pain and challenges that we believe are punishments or consequences to our failure. A life built upon trust and connectedness is still filled with its share of pain and challenges but they are intentional for growth and clarity. In fact, as you continue living your connected path you will realize that the challenges of life are more complex, the pain is deeper, and your purpose is greater. 

The term unlearning, has been used for many things this year. I present it here so that it may resonate with you however it lands. I am simply asking, what do you need to unlearn so that you may trust more fully? What do you need to unlearn so that you can live even more connected?

The Love

Our practices this month will be devoted to regulating our emotions to find balance.

Work: Rebirth + Release + Integration  // Love: Regulating Emotion

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