Need Your Team on the Same Page?

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The precursor to making these steps beneficial is that you have to have an awareness of the differences within your team and a genuine commitment to helping your organization be successful in creating a cohesive team.

1- Clear Expectations:  When your organization has created a strategic plan you have to be able to clearly communicate what that plan is and why that is the goal you are striving towards.  Both pieces are important to getting your team to fully support the plan, without why they can’t see the whole picture.

2- Team Input: You should utilize your entire team to plan how you are going to reach the goal(s).  Leadership should set the major strategic goals but staff should be able to help plan how they will be contributing to meet the overall goal.  When your staff is allowed to have buy-in they feel empowered to truly make a difference within your organization.

3- Follow-up Meetings: Once the plan goals are set you need to hold periodic follow-up meetings to ensure that everyone is staying on track to meet their assigned goals.  The amount of time that should be between meetings will be dependent on the project timeline.

4- Accountability: If your team or leadership are not meeting their goals then you should utilize your company’s progressive discipline policy and hold them accountable.  Without timely and appropriate accountability the team has no incentive to perform to meet their goals.

5- Communication: As you hold your follow-up meetings you need to ensure that everyone knows where all the pieces of the puzzle are at.  An accountability board is a nice way to have everyone be able to see the updates in real time. This can either be a physical board or an electronic document that everyone can access.

If any of these steps seem overwhelming and you think you need some help Leadership Arts Associates can partner with you to make the task less daunting.  You can reach me at or 717-430-2850. If you enjoyed this article please follow my blog at

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