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Our final self-care love note is Make Waves. When this love note revealed itself, I knew almost instantly that it came presenting a message of moving beyond fear. However, at the time I was completely oblivious to the circumstances that surrounded why this lesson would present itself now. 

When it comes to news, I kind of live under a rock. After years of watching only horrible things populate the media, I created pretty strict filters to limit my exposure, as a result I am often late in learning about current events. It wasn’t until late last week that I learned about the tragic death of George Floyd. 

As I watched a video clip of the horrific murder, my heart ached, and I was filled with fear and anger. In that moment, I realized that the fear I was experiencing was rooted deeply in my own personal experiences around injustice. However, my stories and my experiences do not even compare on any level as to what the black community endures. 

I also acknowledge, as a child of a white man and a filipino woman, I have benefited from white privilege and know that certain aspects of my life are made possible because of this privilege.

This week, I have no lesson to provide that is more worthy than the ones being shared right now by our black brothers and sisters. I urge you to listen to their stories, their guidance and hear their words with your heart. Then make waves, the waves you are being called to make right now. It will take all of our voices saying enough to bring forth the change and justice that is long overdue. 

This week, I have combined our pause and practice, taking you through a series of healing sounds to release the excess emotions of grief, anger and fear. My hope is that removing these high emotions may serve you in providing the clarity and strength you need to be a change-maker during this pivotal time. 

And to my black brothers and sisters, I see you, I hear you and I stand with you. You matter.

This Week…

We revealed the first lesson from Abraham Hicks on Well-Being.

“I am Life Everlasting; I am an Eternal Being.

You cannot die;

You are everlasting life.

In grace, you may choose to relax and allow your gentle transition back into your Non Physical state of Pure, Positive Energy. 

Your natural state of foreverness.”

-Abraham Hicks

Experience grace as you continue to listen to how you are being called. Know that being human comes with imperfection and returning to a state of positive energy filled with love is the only way moving forward.

Revisit: Make Waves // Reveal: I am Life Everlasting
Pause + Practice: Grief, Anger, Fear Release

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