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Our first lesson from Abraham Hicks on Well-Being was… 

“I am Life Everlasting; I am an Eternal Being.

You cannot die;

You are everlasting life.

In grace, you may choose to relax and allow your gentle transition back into your Non Physical state of Pure, Positive Energy. 

Your natural state of foreverness.”

-Abraham Hicks

The Work…

I want to share with you this week, is regarding two specific concepts shared in this lesson from Abraham Hicks. The first is regarding our capacity and calling to see ourselves as eternal beings and the second comes from obtaining that non-physical state of pure, positive energy. 

I am an Eternal Being. 

Hearing these words and allowing them to soak in, brought to mind this quote:

“Once death shatters our finite earthly vessels of human clay, then the spiritual fragrance of our lives is released into the world.”

– Ilia Delio, Clare of Assisi: A Heart Full of Love

This quote brought me some level of peace as we have continued to be moved by the recent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two names that only scratch the surface of a history of terror and injustice that the Black community has endured. The call for change that has been sparked by these deaths and all that have come before, show that we live on beyond death. 

George and Breonna live on through their “spiritual fragrance” a perfume that has imparted a deep rooted sadness filled with a powerful message, that underneath a color was a person. A person trying to live and love, and dream. Knowing from a young age that their dreams are possible but not without adversity and inequality. While we are taught from a young age that our dreams are possible and that they will be supported by privilege. We don’t call it that, but it is undoubtedly there, making life just a tad bit easier at several points along our journey. The collective We, I reference, is white people. 

We cannot begin to comprehend the realities that have filled Black lives. But we can say enough is enough and intentionally choose differently moving forward, bravely, boldly, taking action as we feel called. Going beyond our moments of fear when our Black sisters and brothers have endured lifetimes. 

A call to change of this magnitude, could not be possible without eternal life. Without the ability for us to live on beyond death. To release a “spiritual fragrance” of lasting impact and influence that plays a crucial part in healing the suffering of this world. 

Allow your gentle transition back into your Non Physical state of Pure, Positive Energy.

Currently, for my spiritual development I have been taking a deeper dive into a few Christian Mystics. My current read is Illuminations of Hildegard of Bingen by Matthew Fox. Hildegard’s illuminations which are the primary focus of the book are the moments she came in contact with Spirit and divinely inspired. To me, this is the experience of living your connected life.

Regardless of what your belief system is, I have no doubt that if you are here doing HRart Work and using Work Love to fill up your cup, you are living your connected life and in your own ways experiencing Spirit. It is our connected life that delivers that non-physical state of pure, positive energy. It is this state that makes the courage possible to do whatever we are called to do during these times. 

Hildegard defines illumination as “shining compassion.” It is that pure, positive energy generated by living your connected life that allows you to shine. You become this bright healing light to the world and those you are meant to serve will begin to present themselves. 

This lesson from Abraham Hicks was deep, no doubt. But absolutely necessary for our current arena of life. 

The Love… 

I want to share with you this week is a practice devoted to activating the triple warmer meridian. This meridian when activated can heighten our ability to be fully present for our moments with spirit. I hope this serves you. 

Work: I am Life Everlasting // Love: Activating Triple Warmer Meridian
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