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When I look at my Connected Canvas from the beginning of 2019 the image that always stands out to me the most is the picture of the iguanas on the beach and the rest just didn’t speak to me. I truthfully thought this image spoke to me because of my awesome years spent living in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and the interactions we had at that time with the iguana’s on the island. But on a whim I looked up what Iguanas symbolize and below are excerpts from whatismyspiritanimal.com and how it relates to me and my board. Once I did that the iguana image as well as the rest of the board seemed to make sense to me.

“Those with the Iguana Totem Animal always seem at ease, even when busy. It’s nearly impossible to sneak up on them or surprise them because of a nearly eerie awareness. There is also little that truly frightens the Iguana soul. They have learned the lesson of adaptation and contemplation before jumping into negative emotions.”   

This excerpt helped me reflect on the warrior panda bear, lighthouse and John Wayne’s appearance on my canvas. The warrior panda bear is standing there with the look of contemplation on his face ready for battle if needed. The lighthouse worker is actively working while still monitoring all sides to make sure the ships arrive safely to where they are going. And John Wayne (the statue of the man holding the woman is John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara) is the epitome of all those things listed. I take great pride in the fact that I am one who can maintain calm even in the face of chaos. Also, I can honestly say that there are few things that I am truly afraid of and those usually involve my family and their health and safety (also snakes!!).

“If this is your Totem, you have a knack for showing people how to find fulfillment even in small ways. The Iguana Spirit knows our natures – physical, emotional and Spiritual. Understanding those three realistically is part of what leads to happiness. The word of each moment is gratitude. Walking with the Iguana means that you are probably a sun worshipper. You love that energy. Basking, reflecting, enjoying. Iguana knows how to simply BE.”

As much as I am good at helping others find the light in a situation instead of the dark, I’ll be honest I have moments where this is a challenge for me to do personally, but I have my own little reminder daily and that is my son, Jackson. He is the one who always reminds me that stopping to smell the flowers and look at a butterfly is absolutely the thing to do.  

“Those with the Iguana Birth Totem prefer cooperation to combat any day. You have a deep sense of your place in things and have found comfort in that. Some may try to uproot your center, without much success. You are not one who rattles very easily.”

I look at my canvas and see the flower growing out of the brick wall and think this is that. I prefer cooperation but if I need to I can bust my way through things. I am a firm believer that the reason I am so strong in my convictions that others can not uproot those is because of the people I have behind me and supporting me, who are reflected in the colors behind my images on the canvas.

“Additionally, the Iguana Totem is not one who rushes. You have your own pace. In fact, you prefer going slowly, so you don’t miss things. Some interpret this as laziness, but that certainly isn’t that case. It is one means of avoiding drama.”

I read this passage and look at my canvas and see the stingray, the sweet tea, the beach, the wine and tea. The stingray symbolizes that everything is in place, I have the knowledge, tools, means and skills to do what I want to do. The other 4 images are some of the ways that I use to not rush and to take my time!

“Even though Iguana people have effective means of getting away, they also have pretty sound mettle. The only problem is that when you become provoked, it may lead to emotional coldness. Whoever is at the center of this focus should know that warming back up takes a bit of time.”

The image that pops out for this one is the image of the keebler elf sitting down having some coffee and a cookie while ignoring his phone. When I first put this image on my board I assumed it was an image of “disconnecting from my devices” but it speaks to me now of when I am no longer invested in someone who is feeling my “emotional coldness” and how I no longer engage with them.  

“Overall those with an Iguana Totem Animal are gentle, compassionate, shrewd and wise. These are gifts that are extremely useful in daily life. They are also characteristics that feed your own well-being.”

Overall, I think the purpose of my Created Canvas was to enlighten me to my connection with the Iguana Totem Animal and have a better self awareness. I am excited for my 2020 board that we will be creating on January 24! If you want to register there is still time and you can do it here: https://hrartcenter.com/blog/portfolio/visionfest/

MaryRose Ritter

Resource: Iguana Totem Animal

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