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When Samm started Leadership Arts Associates in 2014 we always said that one day the business would be in a place that I would come on board and start an HR consulting side of the business.  In 2016 the opportunity came for me to be able to leave the corporate world and become a partner at Leadership Arts Associates with Samm. I would be lying if I said that it was an easy decision because even though I was ridiculously excited about the opportunity it was scary.  The thought of leaving the safety of the corporate world with a guaranteed paycheck and good insurance through my employer to go into business ownership that had no guarantees for success definitely made this a decision that was not made quickly. Not being the type of personality to do something just because it is comfortable or easy, with the support of my family, I made the leap and came on board at Leadership Arts Associates.

I am 3 years into it and I am so happy that I made the decision back then to join Samm in this adventure.  I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic individuals and business. I get to do HR my way and by doing that I know that I am truly making a difference.  There have also been some opportunities that came up along the way that I knew what I had to offer and what they were looking for would not be a match and it is awesome to have the freedom to say no to work that is not in alignment.  

On top of that, I get to speak to various groups and organizations on HR topics and trainings.  In 2018 Samm and I got to take some time and create a HR Personality Assessment and we unveiled it at the PA SHRM (Society For Human Resource Management)  Volunteer Leadership Conference. We have continued to have the opportunity to travel through the state and share our assessment with other Local SHRM Chapters.  

Another awesome part of being a business owner is having the time to volunteer on committees and boards for non-profits and other organizations within our community.  

As an organization we have a strong desire to help individuals who are either thinking about going into HR or are new to an HR career.  We have had interns the last 3 years that get to come in and see all the various things that we do, work on projects and hopefully by the end of their internship they are able to have a better understanding on what HR is and if it is what they want to do or not.  We have had some who did go on to pursue careers in HR and others who did not.

For me family is such a big part of my life, having the flexibility within my schedule to help at my son’s daycare, to be off with him when he is off of school, to go on trips, and to see my family that is far away is another big plus! 

Getting to do what I love every day is such an awesome feeling!

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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