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Our final lesson from Abraham Hicks this month on Well-Being is… 

“I look for more reasons to appreciate.”

-Abraham Hicks

The Work…

Literally, weeks ago I finished my newest book. In fact, Monday, the proofs were ordered and a printed copy should be in my hands any day now. The book contains 33 lessons to awaken your inner guide and for the first time since I completed it I had a ping of regret. The regret is the result of my inability to include this lesson. A lesson that I believe is so powerful and one that was brought to light so eloquently by my husband. 

As we have entered this post-quarantine phase, otherwise known as green in PA, we have slowly begun the process of meeting with our clients again (with appropriate social distancing measures being considered of course). The other day, my husband met with a client for several hours and said that he genuinely lost time while connecting with this individual. He described how the meeting was not only productive but almost nourishing for his spirit as well. 

For years, I have attempted to penalize myself for meetings this nature. The ones where I get lost being fully present with another person. I would always argue with myself that it was an inefficient use of my time. I would struggle with the incessant chanting from others that my time is valuable and I need to treat it as such, time is money after all, right? 

But, what was missing was a full recognition of what is truly at work during these meetings. These meetings are much bigger than simply a coffee chat or lunch that ran long. These meetings were about connection on a deeper level. A level of intimacy with this person that in deed does nourish the soul. And while it nourishes the soul, it also indeed is a time when we are fully connected to the Divine, feeling the vibrations of our higher self and connected path. 

Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege of experiencing one of these meetings and because of my conversation with my husband earlier this week, I was able to be present and grateful. At the end, I could only describe the time of meeting as a gift. The gift of time is when we have the capacity to be fully present in the moment. These opportunities for connection with others and ourselves allow us to stay in tune with our connected path and find joy along the way. 

The Love… 

Our practice this week will work on releasing doubt that you might possess regarding yourself and your capacity to do the work you are called to do.

Work: I Look For More Reasons  // Love: Releasing Doubt
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