Client Intake Form


Thank you so much for booking your Initial Visit at the HRart Center!

Below is our Client Intake form that we ask all new clients to complete regardless of what specific healing services you are interested in.


Here at the HRart Center we specialize in healing services that address your entire wellbeing. Therefore we are interested in getting a pulse of where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our center was also founded working specifically with individuals in toxic workplaces or experiencing burnout. This work opened our eyes to the undeniable relationship between your work life and your health. Therefore, we do inquire about your current employer and may ask about previous employers during your Initial Assessment.

All information on this intake is requested, but optional. Please do not feel pressured to share any information you’re not yet comfortable revealing. If you prefer to complete this paperwork in person, rather than electronically. We ask that you arrive at least 10-minutes before your appointment.  

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at: (717) 430-2850.