Cultural Onboarding with Jen Thornton

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Season 2: Episode 43

Our current go-to onboarding plan has so much room for improvement. On this special episode of the HRart of It Podcast, Samm hosts Talent Strategy & Leadership Development expert Jen Thornton in a conversation on cultural onboarding. Learn why we should care about neuroscience when doing culture work and when forming retention strategies, as well as how fear plays too great a role in terms of onboarding, culture, and retention. We will close with a Q & A with our live audience.

Find the replay right here on October 25, 12 PM EST!


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Being an Empath at Work with Kara Lovehart

Season 2: Episode 38

Are you an empath or do you work with one? If so this episode of the HRart of It podcast is full of great information that may help you or that other person avoid that dreaded empath hangover. Samm interviews Kara Lovehart, a holistic intuitive medium and healer. Kara and Samm, both empaths themselves, discuss how to determine if you do indeed have these sensitivities and how to identify and support others who may be empathic. This may be especially important in the workplace, which can easily be one of the most draining and unavoidable social spaces we exist within.

Tune in to this episode of the HRart of It Podcast all about being an empath in the workplace!


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The Math Behind Valuing People with Traci Duez

Season 2: Episode 37

We often talk about people being the greatest asset in business and life (this is why the podcast exists) but today we have a podcast guest who can prove it. Traci Duez uses Axiology to mathematically prove that people hold the highest value above all else. Axiology, the study of the nature of value and valuation, can measure how people think and see value, and Traci can use this data to help shift how people and teams think. 

You won’t want to miss this episode of the HRart of It podcast as Traci and Samm discuss the math behind valuing people!


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Supporting Employee Mental Health with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

Season 2: Episode 36

The time is now: we must support our people in the midst of this Employee Mental Health Crisis. Mental health expert Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge joins us on the podcast to discuss how workplaces can prioritize the mental health and wellness of their people and why they absolutely must start today. Beyond our baseline of wanting our employees to be happy and healthy because they are people we care about, how a workplace supports wellness directly affects productivity, retention and the bottom line in massive ways. We also highlight specific challenges that our employees who are also parents are facing and the need to provide them with additional support. Lastly, Dr. Roseann leaves us with some achievable ways to start creating that supportive culture that we all want as well as the numbers and statistics we need to make that a top priority within our workplaces.

Start making the necessary shifts to support employee mental health in your workplace by listening to this episode of the HRart of It podcast.


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Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Assessment with Micah Lorenc

Season 2: Episode 35

On this episode of the HRart of It podcast, our guest Micah Lorenc walks us through Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Assessment, a strengths-based development tool that breaks down an individual’s greatest and lowest strengths. This is no ordinary, forgettable personality test. The magic of this tool and Micah’s deep understanding of it is it allows us to see what an employee, a team, and a marriage could look like if we deeply understood our own strengths as well as each other’s strengths, and then we celebrated them. This understanding has the potential to lead to dynamic, powerful teams full of individuals who all have something different to offer each other. 

Find this and more on this episode of the HRart of It Podcast!


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Weird but Effective HR with Samm Smeltzer

A Guest Appearance on the Rebel Human Resources Podcast

Kyle, Molly, and Patrick expand their minds with Samm Smeltzer.  Samm’s research delves into the intuitive side of HR, and the ways in which we can ensure HR practitioners don’t get disengaged.  Find the show notes at


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The Myth of the HR Role with Carol Sanford

Season 2: Episode 34

HR is stuck and limited by this preconceived myth about what the role of HR is in our businesses and organizations. In this episode of the HRart of It podcast, our guest Carol Sanford joins us to flip this myth upside down. Carol walks us through the 9 roles that we each need to move through not only at work, but also in life. She shares how HR’s ability to be fluid with these roles is the key to unlocking creativity, innovation and ripple effects leading to grand opportunities for change. Carol assures us, “HR people have much more power than they think they do.”

This episode presents a vision of how we can rethink our old thought patterns and move through life and business differently. This vision is one that prioritizes an individual’s and a workplace’s ability to change, evolve and grow. You don’t want to miss this episode of the HRart of It podcast!


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The Next Workforce with Generation HR

Season 2: Episode 33

Generation Z  is quickly going to make up about 30% of the global workforce. This episode of the HRart of It Podcast is all about highlighting this next generation of HR practitioners and the power and passion they have to change the workplace for the better. This is an interview with Aleah Vaske and Kaylee Wurth, two of the four change makers behind the podcast Generation HR. They originally created Generation HR after the University of Northern Iowa’s Society for Human Resource Management (UNI-SHRM) student organization decided to research the new U.S. Supreme Court ruling stating that federal civil rights law prohibits employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Once they realized that this groundbreaking ruling was neither known about nor understood on campus and in workplaces throughout their community, these driven college students created the Generation HR podcast to educate their community. You won’t want to miss this conversation about Gen Z’s perspective, priorities and the power they have to make real positive change in the world.


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HR and JEDIs (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) with Cassandra Rose

Season 2: Episode 32

The worldwide Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd in 2020 has put a much-needed spotlight on systemic racism in corporate America. As businesses place the responsibility of cleaning up these chronic problems on HR and DEI, tensions have risen and too often HR and DEI find themselves at odds with one another. Why is that? Today we chat with Cassandra Rose, an HR leader and DE&I expert, on the reason why this tension exists and why both agents actually need each other to move forward. She even gives us some tips on how businesses and organizations can go about finding the right DEI partner.

Join us for this optimistic and enlightening conversation all about HR and JEDIs on this episode of the HRart of It Podcast.


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The HR Woo Woo Factor with Jeff Harry

Season 2: Episode 31

In this podcast episode, Jeff Harry turns the tables on Samm and interviews her about the current state of HR and why woo woo is so desperately needed in our workplaces. This is a conversation that all people-centered leaders should hear as Samm and Jeff discuss everything from how HR is misunderstood to the difference between dragons and unicorns. They even dig into what disengagement looks like from a Chinese medicine perspective as well as some simple ways we can care for ourselves energetically as we navigate a workday full of emotions and stress.


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