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Last week, we revealed our first self-care love note from Kris Carr’s deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes. This week’s love note was, “believe.” It asked us to notice the connections and synchronicities, knowing that the stuff that’s meant to easily fall into place. Everything is possible.

I know I’ve shared before, but let me share it again. Things that are aligned with our path fall into place easily. Therefore, when we find ourselves attempting to force something into being it is not meant to be part of our path. Even though I finally learned and accepted this lesson, I still have to occasionally pause when I find myself amidst frustration to ask, am I forcing this? 

In contrast, synchronicities I believe present themselves to increase our capacity to believe and acknowledge things that are part of our path. Over the last week as I reflected, I came to realize that these synchronicities present themselves and typically communicate three general messages:

Messages of Affirmation: Sometimes you’ll take notice of a coincidence that is sharing a message of affirmation, the intent is to allow you to put to rest any doubt you may be holding onto in regard to your path. This includes the path you’ve already taken as well as what lies ahead.

Messages of Significance: At times the coincidence is an attempt to get your attention, almost the equivalent of screaming that this is important. Typically when this is the message attempting to get through the coincidences will continue occurring and become even more obvious over time.

Messages of Gratitude: These coincidences occur and leave you with a moment to marinate. It is in this marination that you will often find yourself appreciating a full circle moment that has finally come to close in your life. 

For most of my life, I have referred to these coincidences and synchronicities as dejavu. Which is not 100% accurate if you are to go by the strict definition of dejavu. Regardless, I can attest that no matter what you call them these occurrences provide a level of comfort and assurance that is often warmly welcomed on our current paths of growth. 

This Week…

This week’s Crazy Sexy Love Notes is Compassion for All.  It asked us to remember that compassion is the beating heart of all spiritual practices. It then challenged us to extend compassion through kindness, leaving us to try a daily practice of kindness for the next week.

Here are a few ideas of how you could engage in a simple daily act of kindness:

  1. Send someone a thoughtful gift (it does not have to be expensive)
  2. Write someone a thank you note
  3. Send someone an email just to say hello
  4. Call a friend or family member for no reason other than to chat
  5. Pay someone a genuine and heartfelt compliment

Discussion: Share with us in the comments below in what ways you experienced or extended kindness over the last week.

I hope this week’s pause and practice serve you!

Pause: Space Between Breath  // Revisit: Believe
Reveal: Compassion for All  // Practice: Fu Fear Release
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