Balance and a 3 year old

Halloween themed children treats

As a Human Resources professional, I preach a lot about the balance of work and life.  The question I sometimes get is “Well how do you do it?”. I take great pride in my ability to be able to really balance my focus on the multiple hats that I wear.  I know that in order to thrive in the roles, they each need to have their time to be a priority.

Just last week Jackson’s, my 3-year-old son, preschool class was having their Halloween Party and I had signed up to bring a Halloween treat.  I had googled for inspiration and found three different types of pudding cups that I liked and I decided I was going to take those and combine them to be one awesome pudding cup.  Thursday night came around and I was at a networking event until a little after 5 and the day had gotten away from me so that meant we had to go to the store after I got home that night to get the ingredients.  Jackson and I go to the store and I naturally have forgotten the shopping list that I created so I am doing it by memory which means having to double back once or twice because I passed an aisle that I forgot I needed something in.  While we are trying to rush through the store I am definitely kicking myself for waiting until the last minute to get these ingredients. We finally have everything we need to make our dirt and worm cups and we head home.

We get home and Jackson helps me make the pudding because he loves to help cook and bake.  I put him to bed and now it is time to assemble my creation! I crush the Oreos and place them and the worms into the pudding cups.  Next, onto the Milano cookie tombstones, I start searching the grocery bags for the little icing tube I had picked up at the store to write RIP on the tombstones and it is nowhere to be found.  I check my receipt and I did not pay for it, so now I start to panic a little. I had Jackson sitting in the cart at the grocery store and I think, “maybe he accidentally stuck the icing tube in my purse”.  No luck. I realize that the little tube must have fallen out of the cart through the holes because it was so little. This icing tube not only was supposed to write RIP on my tombstones it was also how I was going to be assembling the googly eyes on my ghost marshmallows and giving them a mouth.  I call my Mom because I wanted to whine about my project being ruined all because I forgot this tube of icing.

Mom to the rescue with her logic and she says to text my husband, Chad, because he was at his bowling league to stop and pick me up a tube on the way home.  I do just that, I text Chad a picture of what I need and ask him to stop on his way home and he says yes. In the meantime, while I am waiting I assemble the goody bags for Jackson’s class the next day.  When Chad gets home he tells me that they didn’t have the little tube like I had asked for but they had a bigger tube of the black icing. So no big deal, I squeeze it into one of my icing bags and get to finishing my project.  I make a few extra to keep at home for Chad and myself and just like that I am done. 20 pudding cups of dirt and worms done and I have accomplished my goal for the next day’s party.

Why do I go through the trouble to do stuff like that?  The answer is because it makes me happy. I like being able to be a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Granddaughter, Best friend, and Business Owner and have them all know that they mean so much to me.  The satisfaction I get at the end of a project like that is immense.

The key to understand is that everyone’s balance is different.  You should not compare yourself to others and how they find their balance because that might not be what works for you, and their priorities might be different than yours.  Just work at it every day and do what is right for you.

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