5 Tips for Successful Change Management: Relative to HR Transitions

Make a change

HR is an often undervalued and underutilized role within organizations.  Generally that happens because the business doesn’t currently have HR and feels that they’ve lasted this long without it and are fine or the HR role is filled by someone who is not functioning in the capacity they should be.  Both instances can negatively impact employees, the business and the bottom line.

Once an organization identifies the need to make a change with regards to their HR role there are 5 steps that are needed to successfully maneuver through it:

  1. The decision makers of the organization have to be bought into the change and support it.  If there are multiple decision makers then everyone has to back the majority decision or the employees will play off the dissension and the change initiative will likely not be successful.
  2. Utilize a SWOT analysis to identify the areas that need work as well as the areas that are solid.  To have useful results all relevant persons should be involved in the analysis. This gives them the opportunity to have buy-in and communicate suggestions to make the changes effective.
  3. Create a realistic plan and timeline that addresses the areas of opportunity identified during the analysis.  This plan should also play to the strengths identified so they are not lost in the shuffle.
  4. Communicate the plan and then ensure that there is follow through to complete the plan in a timely fashion.  There also needs to be a commitment to follow through on holding employees accountable to the new expectations.
  5. After an appropriate amount of time has passed (this will vary dependent upon the magnitude of the change) another analysis should be completed to assess the effectiveness of the changes that were made.

Even though this article is focusing on HR transitions these steps can be utilized for any change that an organization is going through to help ensure its success.  If when you look at this it seems overwhelming and you think you need some help Leadership Arts Associates can partner with you to make the task less daunting. You can reach me at maryrose@leadershipisart.com or 717-430-2850.

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